• 11-01-2021

    New medium range tanker joins fleet

    On 11th January 2021, VENTURE III (hull no. 2775) was successfully delivered in Ulsan, Korea.

    Representing Hyundai’s fifth generation design for the medium range tanker segment, the engineering heritage is synonymous with versatility and reliability.
  • 09-10-2020

    New medium range tanker joins fleet

    On 7th October 2020, hull nos. 2774 and 2775 were named ENDURANCE IV and VENTURE III respectively. The ceremony was an appropriately low-key event in accordance with applicable Coronavirus (COVID 19) safety measures.

    Described as Hyundai’s fifth generation design for the medium range tanker segment, it is evident that these ships incorporate features that have been honed over time to produce an efficient and dependable package.

    ENDURANCE IV is due to commence trading in the coming week while sister vessel VENTURE III is on schedule for a later date.
  • 28-02-2020

    Medium Range fleet revamp

    On 24 February 2020 we welcomed brand new “ENDEAVOUR II” to the fleet. Attentive readers will have noticed that identical sister vessel “RESOLVE II” already joined us in October 2019 and has since settled in well. Together they upgrade our Medium Range offering as well as strengthening the fleet profile overall.

    Representing an evolution of Hyundai’s world-ranking workhorse, these vessels are now also certified in accordance with the Tier III Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions standard.

    As we have recently been reminded, global events are hard to predict, but we believe that the updated fleet profile is better equipped to satisfy customer demands and expectations.
  • 14-03-2019

    Medium Range fleet to see modernization this year

    Our newbuilding project comprised of two 50,000 dwt-class product/chemical tankers has begun taking shape at Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard Co. Ltd. The keel laying and steel cutting for hulls no. S472 and S466 (both to be named) are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

    Representing an evolution of Hyundai’s world-ranking workhorse, these vessels will enable us to continue offering clients a dependable service. Commercial operations for S472 should commence in Q4 2019. Sister vessel S466 is scheduled to join the fleet in Q1 2020. The anomaly in hull numbers is not a typo but the result of S472 having been ordered later and subsequently jumping the production queue to where a slot had become available.

    At a time when the shipping industry is facing a multitude of environmental and commercial challenges, we are confident that ships such as these will allow us to deal with them effectively.
  • 23-08-2016

    Second Aframax Newbuilding delivered

    The second in a series of two ships, newbuilding Spirit II (Tanker for Oil) was successfully delivered on 23 August 2016, directly from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co. in South Korea. Sister ship Affinity V already entered service in July.

    The fleet currently enjoys an average age of 6 years. Commercial and technical management are performed in-house by Transpetrol.

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